“When someone is looking for a travel team for their son to play on, there are a few obvious questions you ask.  Will this team have the schedule that will give my son the best opportunity to play great competition?  Will the team have the kind of players that will get the proper exposure at these events?  Will my son have a coaching staff that is both knowledgeable and knows how to teach?

My experience with having Carson play on the GRB Rays for Greg and Max has exceeded my expectations in all of these areas and in a few areas I was not aware were so important until we ventured down the recruiting path.  I will expand on a few of these intangibles that make this program unique and a place I would recommend to anyone whose son has the desire to play at the next level.

1)       Knowledge.  The ability of an organization to make a proper assessment of a players skill set and be able to enhance the strengths and minimize the weaknesses is critically important and is a skill that Greg and Max are unmatched at.

2)      Credibility.  Being able to make accurate skill assessments and having played the game at a high level gives Greg the credibility to market players effectively to college coaches and pro scouts.  This credibility is critically important in the recruiting process and I am very sure that Carson would not have realized his dream of playing at a great school without the hard work of Greg in this area.

3)      Atmosphere.  The game of baseball is filled with its own stresses and playing in front of coaches and scouts that can determine your future add to that stress exponentially.  The playing atmosphere that Max and Greg foster takes some of that pressure off and allows the players they coach to play at their best.

4)      Investment.  It is very obvious in the way that Greg and Max approach the management of the teams and the facility that they are fully invested in the success of the kids in the program.  This is definitely their passion and not just a paycheck.

I cannot be more  happy in the decision to have Carson be a part of the GRB Rays and feel very lucky to have Greg and Max in Carson’s life as teachers, coaches and mentors.”

Thanks for everything.”

-Sean Weber

“Words can’t thank you enough for your dedication to your program and more importantly to each one of these boys as individuals . You have given your heart and soul to make sure these incredibly talented young men have the opportunity to play Division 1 ball. These boys have achieved their goals but their lives will be forever changed by your dedication. You have not only been a teacher and a leader but a mentor to Bryant in life skills.

Thank you Greg and Max for being a big part of who my son has become as a young man as he begins his next phase of life. The Jordan Family loves you guys and we are so thankful we have had the privilege to play on the best team out there.”

-Janelle Jordan

“Without the GRB Rays, I truly believe a lot of the opportunities that have come my way would not have been possible with other programs.  I can’t even describe the amount of fun I have had the past two falls and summers playing for this program. Not only did the Rays develop me into a fundamentally sound and skilled baseball player, but more importantly, they taught me to be a hard working individual on and off the field.

Bottom line, if you are looking for the best opportunity to get seen and developed into a collegiate baseball player, you need to be a part of the GRB Rays.”

-Clark Eagan

“Being a part of the Rays was been a great experience for me.  I’ve been able to play at a very high level of baseball all over the United States, and that is why I am where I am today.  This program provides players with the opportunity to maximize their abilities and really set goals and try to achieve them.  You are put around a tremendous group of people with tons of experience and people who want you to have success.

This program not only provides everything you need to reach your goals and play at a high level, but it also gives you many opportunities to meet new people and form relationships that will last the rest of your life.  I am very thankful that I have been able to be a part of such a high-class organization for so long.  It has really helped me mature as a baseball player and also as a person.

Besides thanking everyone in the program, I would like to encourage everyone to take this opportunity if it is presented to you, because you never know where it could take you.”

-Jordan Jess


“Greg Reinhard was one of the most respected teammates I’ve ever played with.  His competitiveness and knowledge of the game made him a joy to play with. When I think of someone with the skills to teach baseball and to make people better I think of Greg.”

-Sam Fuld, Oakland A’s

“Greg represents all that is good about baseball. He was always an incredibly dedicated client and I have no doubt that he will bring that same intensity to his baseball academy. His desire to succeed and to share his expertise will be what sets him apart from other baseball academies.”

-Matt Sosnick, Founder of Sosnick Cobbe and Karon Sports

“Greg’s knowledge of baseball and willingness to share this knowledge with up and coming baseball players has made his academy one of the best in the Midwest.  His teams will constantly be put in the best tournaments and get the proper coaching, and I have no doubt he will turn Wisconsin and Midwest baseball from an unknown into a “hotbed” for players.”

-Jon Pridie, Agent at Sosnick Cobbe and Karon Sports