GRB Announces Rays-Eau Claire

With great excitement, the GRB Academy and Greg Reinhard, along with Momentum Baseball and Dale Varsho, are announcing the formation of a travel youth baseball program.  The newly formed, GRB Rays-Eau Claire, will combine the teaching and training of Momentum Baseball, with the platform and organization of the GRB Rays program.  The long term approach to the development of good high school players, and collegiate recruiting once players are at ability, will be the focus of the partnership.


The training location will be at Momentum Baseball, located at 3528 Spooner Ave, Altoona, WI.  Tryouts will happen in July and August of 2018 for the 2019 Spring and Summer Championship Season. Teams will be formed from the ages of 10U through 15U in the first season.


“The long term success of the GRB Rays program has been fueled every year by most of the best regional players near Eau Claire.  As we began to look at this success and the players who came this way for our recruiting platform, it was really distinct that pretty much all of them worked with Dale and his staff.  We are constantly working to find the best players in the region whom are among the state’s best,” states GRB Academy founder and owner Greg Reinhard.  “Forming GRB Eau Claire will help to continue the great foundation that players in the region have in reaching for their baseball dreams.”

The mission of the GRB Rays-Eau Claire program will stay the same as that of the overall Rays program: To develop good high school players by giving them access to the best training and skill development.  Players who are at the correct level for recruiting come high school will play for the Madison based teams, but can do a large amount of their training in Eau Claire.  Players will then return to their respective legion programs after their junior recruiting summer to help their local legion team find success.  


“So many of the great players who have worked with our staff at Momentum Baseball have utilized the GRB Rays for their high school platform and recruiting,” said Momentum Baseball owner Dale Varsho.  “GRB has routinely helped players not only from Eau Claire, but from the Eau Claire and Chippewa counties in their college recruitment.”


By creating the GRB Rays – Eau Claire, players from the area can continue to get the best training in the region with Momentum Baseball, but have a direct route to college recruiting with the Rays program.  Both Varsho and Reinhard will use their college connections in addition to the recruiting platform of GRB Baseball to help players find their correct college fit come recruitment time.


For more information on the GRB Rays program, and the new program in Eau Claire, please email Greg Reinhard at  Inquiries can also be sent through the contact page at


Tryout Information, Team Setups, Training Outlines for the program, and pricing will all be announced in the next two months.  Tryout registration will open at the same time as the other announcements.